AnnBAnn Boyce – CASA Peer Coach Sworn in: December 2008 Two cases – both long term

Why did you decide to become a CASA volunteer?
“I worked in a group home for 7 years, where two of the children had CASAs. I saw how important these CASAs were to their lives, and it made me want to get involved with the organization.”

What has been the easiest thing about being a CASA? The most challenging?
“The easiest thing is that because my cases have both been long term, I can see the stability forming in these children’s lives. The hardest part has been to watch an old CASA fall back in to making poor choices; after putting in everything you can, but you have to know that the good is still in there somewhere.”

What keeps you motivated when things get hard?
“I only have to know about these awful things, but the kids we serve have to live it every day. It helps knowing that our commitment to doing one small part can help their lives.”

What is your most memorable CASA moment?
“Easy! When I was told by a CASA child that I was the only person who wasn’t paid to be in their life.”

What advice do you have for someone who wants to get involved?
“Just do it! Don’t worry about what you have to learn. There is a lot of support in this organization.”

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